Working with undergraduate students in Oaxaca, Mexico. Photo by Brook Lillehaugen.

I have been teaching languages and linguistics, designing language teaching curricula, and training language teachers since 2007. I am a strong supporter of experiential and service learning opportunities and in ethically engaging students of all levels in language revitalization work. Most of my recent courses have included opportunities for students contribute directly to local language revitalization projects. You can read more about this work here and here.

Current and recent courses include:

  • Multilingualism & Second Language Acquisition, Bryn Mawr College
  • Introduction to Linguistics, Bryn Mawr College (with experiential learning component)
  • Sociolinguistics, Haverford College
  • Phonetics and Phonology, Haverford College
  • Language Documentation & Revitalization, Truman State University (with experiential learning component)
  • Introduction to Language, Georgetown University
  • Zapotec Language Co-Teacher with Raquel Cruz Manzano, Centro de Aprendizaje, San Pablo Macuiltianguis, Oaxaca, Mexico, ages 7-12
  • Teaching Assistant: Phonetics/Phonology I & II, How Languages Are Learned, Language Contact (Georgetown University)

Before graduate school, I taught and tutored English and Spanish as a second language to students of all ages in Spain, France, and Cincinnati, OH.